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Maresha Donna Ducharme book cover: The Way Home to Love

The Way Home to Love:

A Guide to Peace in Turbulent Times

The discourses in this book interpret the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles of spiritual understanding – Maresha provides the tools to deal with the difficulties that obstruct the flow of love. The chapters in this book are a selection of talks distilled from discourses delivered by Maresha to students who came to be in sanctuary. It also explores the themes of personal practice in consciousness and how one can find the keys to inner peace.

If Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad and the Divine Mother were to meet in conversation, what would each think of the other’s spiritual points of views? Maresha has been engaged in a decade’s long dialogue between the many comparative traditions and distills the essence of unity and understanding that are at the heart of all spiritual traditions.

Composed in a state of meditative awareness and with lucid clarity, Maresha explores the intersection of what is universally sacred and how to find within oneself this wellspring of love and peace. This book is designed to help the reader successfully reveal the peace that dwells within one’s own heart. This body of teaching transcends religion by extracting the essential, wisdom teachings that are the foundational guide to the power of personal transformation.

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“...a wise and insightful spiritual teacher, leading others toward a path of Truth, Harmony and Love of the Divine. Drawing from various guides, Maresha has woven esoteric teachings from several traditions into a practical resource for Westerners that captures the essence of the highest teachings. Maresha’s ability to communicate the deepest wisdom of the ages to modern seekers is a gift to her readers.”
~ Yogi Amrit Desai – renowned yoga master and creator of Kripalu and Amrit Yoga. He is also the author of The Yoga of Relationships.

“I so enjoyed reading this book, and I encourage you to crack the cover and dive on in, especially now in the midst of our profoundly turbulent times. Finding Your Way Home to Love is beautifully written in the light of clarity, compassion, and seasoned knowledge. It will help you to strengthen and renew your spiritual core, and to balance your life. With her dedication, her integrity and her depth of experience, Maresha was born for these times.”
~ Steven McFadden is author of Farms of Tomorrow, Profiles in Wisdom, Odyssey of the 8th Fire, and other works.

As seekers, we look at the world from within, with conscious awareness, which gives us an alternative understanding of the nature of this life. We are encouraged, through this contemplative lifestyle, to know our nature more deeply so we may realize inner freedom.

This freedom is the nature of the soul, as it is sensitive to and guided by the vibrations of The One. Paradoxically, as we develop inner consciousness, we are then ready to turn outward to what is happening in the world to discover how each one of us can contribute to the greater good of the whole.

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Messages of Light by Maresha Donna Ducharme

Maresha Donna DucharmeMaresha’s spiritual writings and transcribed teachings will inspire you and bring you deeper into your own divine nature.

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The Sanctuary: A Way of Life on the Path of Love

Contemplative Practice

Meditation, Resonance Movement, Prayer, Discourse, and Sacred Service are just some of the ways that we weave what is sacred into our lives. Our Spiritual Practices help us to realize the common bonds of unity and healing within all hearts, from all traditions and faiths.

Sustainable Solar Living

Our focus is also to help awaken people’s environmental awareness through spiritual ecology and our sacred relationship to the earth. Our homes and Sanctuary are completely off grid, built with sustainable, energy efficient materials, and solar powered. We have made a commitment to live and work in harmony with the power of the Earth, Wind & Sun. Learn more about Snow Dragon Solar ›

Sacred Integration

Whether we are tending our organic gardens and orchards, meditating in our Rose Grotto or gathering for prayer and spiritual reflection, we do so with a grateful awareness of the blessings that are bestowed from spirit and from the nurturing earth, and of our responsibility to our relationship with both.

What is The Sanctuary on Snow Dragon Mountain?

We are a non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to the consciousness of fostering peace within and without, spiritual ecology, environmental awareness, and unity within the common bonds of universal truths held at the heart of all faiths & traditions.

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We offer regular services on our mountain top sanctuary and welcome new guests. As we meditate and pray we realize that love lives within each of our hearts.
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Read Maresha Donna Ducharme’s Messages of Light

Maresha has guided and inspired countless students over many years. We are pleased to make her writings and teachings available to students and light workers everywhere through the publication of Messages of Light. Her words will inspire you and bring you deeper into your own divine nature.
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