The Sanctuary on Snow Dragon Mountain, New Hampshire, offers spiritual retreat and teachings

Messages of Light by Maresha Donna Ducharme

The core of our spiritual conversations always reminds us how to live a spiritual life. These messages help us to remember the true nature of love and the guiding principles of spiritual living: how to be peaceful, beautiful, more deeply connected to God, and how to sustain and nurture our faith. I am so happy to bring forth the message. I do not care how many times, or in how many ways I repeat the message. It is always a message of Light. Love lives within each of our hearts. The heart of The Sanctuary has remained steady for more than thirty years. We uphold the dedication to come together in consciousness and love and to remember we can act as instruments of this love, perfection and divine will.
-Maresha Ducharme

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LINEAGE OF LIGHT: These messages could not have come through without the seed consciousness and lineage of light of the holy men and women who have inspired me and whom I have learned from, through direct experience. Their guiding principles taught me that love is universal whether it is expressed through the love of the Lord God, The Divine Mother, Nature and the elemental world, Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna – all are the same. The essential natures of these holy men and women bring forth the infinite light into the hearts and minds of humanity, guiding our way through this life, on the Path of Love. They are Shamans, Yogis, Wise Women, Kabbalahists, Christians, Pagans and Philosophers. They are lit candles that stirred the flames of my own Inner Light and divinity. It has been my great privilege to listen to and to live in this light and share it with others.

With great thanks to Mary, Giovanina, Rumilda, Michio and Aveline Kushi, Bapuji and Gurudev, Tawa, Brant Secunda, Shakmah, Lyratah and Neziah. And with thanks and acknowledgment to Janah whose own light inspired the publication of these messages.

What is The Sanctuary on Snow Dragon Mountain?

We are a non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to the consciousness of fostering peace within and without, spiritual ecology, environmental awareness, and unity within the common bonds of universal truths held at the heart of all faiths & traditions.

The Sanctuary: A Way
of Life on the Path of Love

We offer regular services on our mountain top sanctuary and welcome new guests. As we meditate and pray we realize that love lives within each of our hearts.
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Messages of Light by
Maresha Donna Ducharme

Maresha has guided and inspired countless students over many years. We are pleased to make her writings and teachings available to students and light workers everywhere through the publication of Messages of Light. Her words will inspire you and bring you deeper into your own divine nature.
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